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‘Utes will be served: Three-row family crossovers, ranked (briefly)

Family crossovers with three rows are a big deal: literally and figuratively. Here’s a brief look at 10 that may appeal to family buyers this summer who are looking for the right road-trip crossover.

UK aims to make all new cars sold there electric by 2035

Lawmakers in the U.K. have sped up their timeline to make all cars sold there electric and passed legislation last week to move the country closer to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Audi issues recalls for 265K cars for airbag fault, loose wheel trim

Audi will recall more than 260,000 cars next month for faults that could disable airbags and wheel trim that could fall off while driving.

Jamie Farr and his Jeep Golden Hawk (photo courtesy Jamie Farr)

From Motor Authority:

A life during wartime: Jamie Farr, the most famous Jeep driver in history

Perhaps the most famous Jeep driver in history, we talked to Jamie Farr about his experiences growing up in the town that Jeep calls home: Toledo, Ohio.

What’s the future for the next Jeep Wrangler?

What does the future have in store for the Jeep Wrangler? Hybrid batteries? Electric powertrain? Where will it be built?

Verstappen steals Austrian win from Leclerc after risky late move

The daring Dutch racer inched closer in the final laps on fresher tires to steal the Formula One win in Austria on Sunday.

Genesis Mint concept for two-seat urban electric car

Genesis Mint concept for two-seat urban electric car

From Green Car Reports:

Genesis confirms electric sedan for 2021

Genesis confirmed that its developing a platform that will spawn an all-electric sedan and crossover, with the sedan due first for 2021.

Volkswagen talks through Europe’s tough new emissions tests

The automaker offers a comprehensive look at the new emissions standards for Europe in a video walk-through.

Nio recalls SUVs in China after battery fires

The fledgling EV automaker recalled roughly 5,000 EVs in China for a battery issue that could cause a fire.