Uber to ban low-rated riders from its ride-share service

Uber will ban low-rated riders from its service in the U.S., a move the ride-share company has already made in Australia and New Zealand. 

In a statement released Wednesday, Uber said the policy change puts the same level of accountability on riders as it does on drivers. Any rider who falls into a “significantly below-average” rating will be at risk a banning. It’s unclear if riders will be able to regain access to Uber after a period of time, or if they could side-step the ban by creating a new account.

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Before they are banned, naughty riders will receive tips to help improve their drive-scored rating. The tips range from encouraging polite behavior, not leaving trash in a driver’s car, and calls not to encourage drivers to exceed a local speed limit. Uber said riders will have “several” opportunities to improve their rating before it revokes access to the app.

Uber also requires drivers to meet certain criteria that vary from city to city.

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It’s not clear what the rating threshold will be for riders in the U.S., but in Australia and New Zealand, it’s below a 4.0. Uber said last year it takes “a number” of one-star reviews to fall below a 4.0 average. Last year, the company also said the average rider rating is 4.5 on a scale that tops out at 5.0.