Tuned 460 HP Lotus Exige S Is An Adrenaline Injection On Four Wheels

If you are looking for a lightweight sports car that promises maximum smiles-per-mile, it is hard to look past the Lotus Exige S V6.

The Series III Exige S V6 has been around in some form since the 2012 model year and left the company’s British factory with a 3.5-liter V6 sourced from the Toyota Camry. That engine may not be the most ‘exotic’ powertrain out there but, with the addition of a supercharger by Lotus, delivers 345 HP and 295 lb-ft (400 Nm) of torque, which is more than enough for a car that is so small, light, and agile.

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AutoTopNL recently found itself behind the wheel of an Exige S V6 which has undergone a series of modifications to make it that much more exciting to drive than the standard model.

Most notably, the engine has been fitted with an enlarged supercharger and a series of other changes to boost grunt up to 460 HP. That is truly phenomenal for a car like the Exige and makes it even more powerful than the range-topping Exige Cup 430 which, as its name suggests, offers up 430 horses from its supercharged powertrain.

What’s particularly impressive about this Lotus is that the engine mods haven’t adversely impacted the way it drives and don’t appear to overpower it. Certainly helping complement the added grunt are Ohlins coilovers at all four corners and upgraded brakes.

The following video shows the car being put through its paces around some corners and along a couple of unrestricted sections of the German autobahn.