Super Tall 2020 Mitsubishi eK Space And eK X Space Previewed In Tokyo

At last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Mitsubishi unveiled the Super Height K-Wagon Concept, a production-ready study that previewed the next-generation of the firm’s tallest kei cars.

Now the time has come for the Japanese automaker to reveal the new models and their names. Neither the looks nor the nameplates are a surprise, though. They are named the eK Space and eK X Space, following the naming scheme of the regular-height eK Wagon and eK X.

The design is similar to those models too (except the taller bodies), both on the outside and the inside. The eK Space is the taller alter ego of the eK Wagon, much like the bolder eK X Space is for the eK X. Both pairs of kei cars are part of a joint project with Nissan and built by the NMKV joint venture alongside the Dayz and Dayz Highway Star.

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2020 Mitsubishi eK X Space

Launching this spring in Japan, the Mitsubishi eK Space and eK X Space stretch kei car regulations to a maximum, especially when it comes to height. The new models also feature an By extended wheelbase, though Mitsubishi does not provide numbers.

These are models that target families with small children, which explains why they feature rear sliding doors and sliding rear seats. Those are wider than those of the smaller eK Wagon and eK X and offer more knee room and legroom. These features make it easier to install a child seat, for example. For enhanced comfort at the back, Mitsubishi has also installed an air circulator with Plasmacluster air cleaning technology.

2020 Mitsubishi eK Space

The automaker says the eK Space and eK X Space offer either a naturally aspirated engine or a turbo engine with a hybrid system and CVT. No specs are offered but they obviously share a 0.66-liter displacement.

On the tech front, Mitsubishi’s tallest kei cars pack a Hill Descent Control system, MI-Pilot driver assistance tech, a collision avoidance system, and more. Full details will be offered at the models’ launch in spring.

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