Seeing The New 2021 VW Golf GTI, GTD And GTE On Video Doesn’t Make Them Any Less Bland

There’s a new trio of hot Volkswagen Golfs in town and you can now check them out in detail in three static videos showcasing their exteriors and interiors.

We’re obviously talking about the all-new Golf GTI, Golf GTD and Golf GTE which form the more emotional branch of the Golf Mk8 family. Looking at the three models side by side, it’s pretty clear they came from the same mold and are only differentiated by minor details.

Badging aside, the only different elements include the alloy wheels (which can be identical on the GTI and GTD as the opening image can attest), the tailpipe trims, and the upholstery. They definitely look more similar to one another than their predecessors did.

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I don’t know about you, but if I had a Golf GTI Mk8 I wouldn’t want the GTD and the GTE to look exactly the same. There’s no doubt that the Golf GTI remains the best-known Golf model around the world and the most sought-after (more than the Golf R), so VW’s decision to give the GTD and GTE the exact same body kit and details seems a bit curious.

That said, while these models will deliver a more entertaining driving experience than lesser Golf models, their appearance doesn’t really show it. Designers could have put in some extra effort to differentiate the hot Golfs more than the base models.

If the customer does not spec the optional X-shaped fog lights (which are clearly inspired by the Renault Megane RS), it becomes harder than ever to distinguish a Golf GTI from a base Golf, and that’s a shame.