Polestar Precept concept teases future flagship four-door electric car

Polestar Tuesday revealed the first full photos and information for the Precept, a concept electric car that will be shown in March at the Geneva International Motor Show.

Polestar has, in recent weeks, been teasing the Precept concept from the inside out. It’s already revealed that the concept would be upping the ante with more sustainable and natural materials, a more advanced interface, and an even more minimalist interior design.

The brand hadn’t yet revealed a single tidbit about the exterior design, and now it’s apparent why: It’s not the preview of the Polestar 3 SUV that has been expected to follow the soon-arriving Polestar 2; instead it’s a lower-set four-door grand-touring car.

Polestar Precept concept

The Precept is low and sleek, with a cabin design that emphasizes headroom and legroom for rear passengers. Instead of a front grille there’s a so-called SmartZone that houses technology for safety features and driver assistance. Additionally, a pod of lidar sensors sits atop the glass roof. Headlights follow an evolved version of Volvo’s Thor’s Hammer LED design, and an integrated front wing helps direct airflow over the long hood, boosting aerodynamics and highway range (although the brand includes no numbers for driving range of power). In back, a wide light blade runs the full width of the car and extends to aero-wings.

Although Polestar didn’t specify most dimensions for the Precept, it mentioned that it rides on a 122.4-inch wheelbase to accommodate a large battery pack. That’s nearly 15 inches longer than that of the Polestar 2, and about 6 inches longer than that of the Tesla Model S. That would also make it sized in the same range as the upcoming Lucid Air.

The Precept is, like the Model S, a fastback, with a large-opening rear tailgate. The lack of a conventional rear window means the hatch can have a larger load opening.

Polestar Precept concept

Polestar Precept concept

Inside, the interface makes a major leap in many respects. It does away with conventional mirrors, and focuses around a 15-inch center touchscreen and 12.5-inch driver display. Developed in “close collaboration with Google,” the interface will use eye-tracking and proximity sensors.

Interior materials, as previously teased, include panels made of flax-based composites, carpets from reclaimed fishing nets, and seat surfaces knitted from recycled plastic bottles.

The brand notes that the name “Precept” can be taken literally. It does indeed serve as “a manifesto of things to come; a declaration,” according to the accompanying press release.

Polestar Precept concept

Polestar Precept concept

Since Polestar is a completely new brand, established by Volvo and Geely, it has the freedom to base its aesthetics on technology rather than, as design chief Maximilian Missoni said, “looking back in time at historical automotive references.”

We’ll have to wait and see how serious Polestar is about looking forward in time with this big electric car; expect more about it to emerge from the Geneva show, which starts next week.