The Car Connection’s Greenest Cars of 2019

Fuel efficiency is so last century. This year, we learned that energy efficiency is the new fuel efficiency, and not all electric cars are equal—even if they’re all zero emissions vehicles. Credit for that falls squarely on the Jaguar I-Pace’s broad shoulders because, although it’s an all-electric crossover, its big battery doesn’t return as much […]

Driven: 2019 Lexus LC500 Limited Edition Is A Master Of All Trades

Building a car that manages to look dashing both inside and out while delivering an exciting and responsive driving experience, all in exceptional comfort, and not costing a million or so, does seem nigh on impossible. However, the 2019 Lexus LC500 Limited Edition proves otherwise. Over a period of seven days, we had the opportunity […]

Battery supplies, Mercedes-Benz EQC review, CARB’s potential pushback: The Week in Reverse

Volkswagen California Ocean Red What U.S. state wants to charge $1,000 per year for registering an electric vehicle? Which vehicle brand said no to a future that retires the internal combustion engine? And what might California’s regulatory agency be considering in response to upcoming Trump Administration moves? This is our look back at the Week […]

Are they any more likely today?

1916 Owen Magnetic Tourer – Bonhams Tupelo Automobile Museum Auction (2019) The 1916 Owen Magnetic Tourer that crossed the Bonhams auction block last month was more than a beautiful snapshot from an obscure moment in American automotive history. As one of the technological wonders of its time, the Magnetic Tourer didn’t have any mechanical connection […]

2020 Elantra gets a price bump, Cadillac XTS bites the dust, and California considers EV only: What's New @ The Car Connection

270K Ford Fusion sedans recalled over rollaway risk Ford announced Wednesday that it would recall hundreds of thousands of Ford Fusion sedans for a shifter cable that could split and cause the car to roll away. 2020 Hyundai Elantra adds safety tech, to cost $19,870 New safety tech and a dropped standard manual transmission are […]

The Car Connection’s Best Looking Cars of 2019

Beauty isn’t abstract, it’s a formula. For cars, beautiful is measured in the number of heads turned on the street, multiplied by the number of parking lot stares, divided by the number of right angles, which is added to the inverse of its general availability. It’s all very scientifical mathematism, you see. The prettiest cars […]

How Green Is Your Lux?

– Detroit, Michigan The world of electric vehicles and plug-in electrics is messy, but expanding, circa the fall of 2017. Elsewhere in the world of cars, I’d never have agreed to compare two sedans that differ in price, size, and overall capability – what’s the point? In this case, with plug-in hybrid versions of two […]

The Car Connection’s Lowest Rated Cars of 2019

Bad things happen to the best among us. Just ask U2. Automakers are no strangers to bad compositions themselves. Although some of the lowest rated cars on our list for 2019 have withered over time, some were never fruitful in the first place. There’s no common denominator among our dogs—poorly performing cars come in all […]

Hyundai’s fix for smelly cities is an in-car air purification system

The outside world can be smelly: exhaust fumes, foul food, and farm animals. The South Korean automaker announced this week it developed a new “smart air purification system” that may appear in new cars soon. The smart system monitors the air quality inside of the car and purifies the air to an “excellent” standard, defined […]

2018 Honda Accord Vs. 2018 Toyota Camry: The Family Sedan Battle

Even though both come from factories in the United States, the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry continue to epitomize the classic attributes of a midsize Japanese sedan: efficient, safe, and the right size for a family. By coincidence, new generations of both models debut in 2017. The Camry is already on sale, and the Accord’s arrival […]