Nissan recalls more than 1.8M Altimas for risk of hoods flying open while driving

Nissan will recall certain 2013-2018 Altima sedans for a corroded hood latch that could result in the hood opening while driving. The recall covers 1,831,818 vehicles, the automaker announced this week. 

At issue is a set of two hood latches. If the primary latch is inadvertently released, then the secondary hood latch could corrode over time. That corroded secondary latch can then unlatch while the hood is closed. If the primary latch is accidentally released again, there is nothing keeping the hood down. Typically to open the hood, the driver has to pull the hood release from the inside of the car, then walk around to the front and manually release the secondary latch to lift the hood. 

In this case, if the hood latch is accidentally released from inside the car then there’s nothing keeping the hood down. It could open unexpectedly while driving, increasing the risk of a crash, Nissan told the NHTSA. 

Nissan is working on a remedy. In the meantime, owners will be notified on how to close the hood and maintain the latch. Notices will be mailed starting by June 22. Owners may contact Nissan customer service at 1-800-867-7669 or visit Nissan’s recall site.