New Skoda Octavia G-TEC Unveiled With 310-Mile Compressed Natural Gas Range

Skoda has unveiled its latest compressed natural gas (CNG) model in the 2020 Octavia G-TEC, which boasts a gas-only range of 500 km (310 miles) in the WLTP cycle.

The new Octavia G-TEC is technically a hybrid, since it also utilizes a 9-liter gasoline tank, aside from the three CNG tanks installed in the underbody, which store a total of 17.33 kg (38.2 lbs) of natural gas. Skoda will launch the new model across Europe this autumn.

Power comes from a 1.5-liter TSI unit that provides an output of 130 PS (128 HP), and an economy of 3.4 to 3.6 kg (7.5 to 7.9 lbs) per 100 km (96 miles) in the WLTP cycle in CNG mode, as well as 4.6 liters per 100 km (51 mpg) in gasoline mode.

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Using just the gasoline in its 9 liter tank, the Octavia G-TEC can actually cover another 190 km (118 miles), for a total range of roughly 700 km (435 miles). Also, switching between CNG and gasoline mode happens automatically, without the driver having to do anything.

The only times in which the Octavia G-TEC accesses its gasoline fuel supply is when the engine is started after the natural gas has been topped up, or when the outside temperature is below -10 degrees Celsius (14 F). It will also do it when the gas tanks are so empty that the pressure drops below 11 bar.

In terms of practicality, if you opt for an Octavia G-TEC hatchback, you’ll be left with 455 liters (16 cu.ft) of trunk volume, whereas the Estate model will still give you a capacity of 495 liters (17.5 cu.ft), despite the CNG tanks.

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