Mid-Engine C8 Corvette Could Get Trick Active Aero System

A patent issued on June 11 for General Motors reveals an active aerodynamics system that might just find its way onto the C8-generation Chevrolet Corvette.

The patent, recently discovered by the Mid Engine Corvette Forum, depicts drawings of a C7 Corvette with a series of different active aerodynamic components.

Although we’ve seen similar active aero patents in both 2017 and 2018, this one details “an air deflector moveably mounted to the vehicle body” and includes images revealing “a mechanism configured to selectively vary a height of the air deflector relative to the road surface and a position of the air deflector relative to the vehicle body to thereby control a movement of the ambient airflow relative the vehicle body.”

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Chevrolet has already patented a series of active aerodynamic parts for its vehicles, and earlier this year, one for an adjustable front splitter was published online. While these drawings only depict the C7-generation Corvette, production of that model is expected to cease in the coming months, so this means it is far more likely that, if they do reach production, they will do so in the upcoming C8.

Enthusiasts have been waiting for a mid-engine Corvette for years, and on July 18, we will finally get to see what it will look like. Chevrolet is remaining quiet mum about details, but much like every other generation of Corvette, it will be sold in a number of different guises in the coming years. It’s difficult to say if all new ‘Vettes will feature active aero systems like those detailed, but the track-focused models, like the Z06 (if GM keeps the same naming scheme) most likely will.