Here’s a Close Look At The ID.3, Volkswagen’s Most Important New Car In Many Decades

Last week, Volkswagen unveiled its long-awaited ID.3 electric hatchback at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It follows the Beetle and Golf as the brand’s most important vehicle and could prove to be the car that, finally, makes electric vehicles mainstream.

In this video from Top Gear, we’re offered a detailed look at aspects of the hatchback which the official photos fail to cover.

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The first thing worth mentioning about the ID.3 is the design. Because it doesn’t feature a big internal combustion engine up the front nor a large transmission, VW’s designers have been able to shorten the front and rear overhangs and push the cabin forward to increase space. The car manufacturer goes as far as to say that, while the ID.3 has almost the same footprint as a Golf, it offers interior space to rival a Passat.

There will be three different powertrains available for the ID.3. The first is a 45 kWh version with a 147 HP and 229 lb-ft (310 Nm) electric motor, offering a range of 205 miles (330 km). Next up is the mid-level 58 kWh model with an electric motor delivering 201 HP and a 261-mile (420-km) range. Sitting at the top of the family is the 77 kWh version with the same 201 HP electric motor but an extended range, which sits at an impressive 342 miles (550 km).

Volkswagen has yet to release pricing details for the ID.3 range, but has confirmed the base model will start at under €30,000 ($33,161) in Germany.