Here’s A Chance To See A $400k Rolls-Royce Cullinan Going Off-Road

Let’s face it, 99.9 percent of all Rolls-Royce Cullinans will never see anything else than smooth roads. Should the driver decide to take a shortcut through the woods, though, they will be able to do so, as this is not just a fancier take on the new Phantom with a raised ground clearance, despite sharing the same foundation.

Getting ready to attack mud, grass, puddles, small hills and so on requires a single thing: activating the ‘Off-Road’ mode via a button. The vehicle then raises the body by 44 mm (1.7 in) and takes care of each and every setting accordingly. Everything the driver has to do from this point is buckle up and pay attention to the road ahead and surroundings, as nobody wants to scratch that expensive paint.

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The air suspension constantly changes its settings and the four-wheel steering helps going around different obstacles without having to reverse. Also, one thing that will come as a big surprise to anyone who’s used to doing off-roading is the fact that the Cullinan is as quiet off the beaten path as it is on the comfort of tarmac, with quietness being a hallmark of the car. Also, despite being quite large, it doesn’t feel that way.

TFLOffRoad got the chance to drive a $400,000 Cullinan fitted with 22-inch wheels and summer tires through mud and puddles, while learning about some of the key aspects of the car from a Rolls-Royce representative who rode shotgun. Curious to see how it fared with the challenging terrains of Texas? Head down and check out the video.