GM talks EVs, Lincoln by Rivian, Cybertruck and Mach-E afterburn: The Week in Reverse

Which luxury brand is skipping the U.S. for its new electric car?

Why does one automaker once bullish on EV range extenders now think they’re headed for extinction?

This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending November 29, 2019.

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E, 2019 LA Auto Show

In the electric-vehicle news cycle immediately after the recent LA auto show, the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Tesla Cybertruck have each generated huge amounts of excitement and criticism, and so we haven’t forgotten about those two stories—although there was plenty else to cover. 

Ford has Given Ford’s past making a minimal number of electric vehicles, with its Focus Electric, we took a look at how many Mustang Mach-E electric SUVs it might be planning to build. Is the Mach-E another compliance car?

Tesla Cybertruck prototype - Nov. 2019

Tesla Cybertruck prototype – Nov. 2019

We asked you if the Tesla Cybertruck has changed what you want and need in an electric pickup. It seems that at least some of you have already said yes. 

GM CEO Mary Barra confirmed a new timeline for the company’s first fully electric pickup: fall 2021. 

Meanwhile, we found a lot of sense in what GM president Mark Reuss said about electric vehicles and what’s needed for more widespread adoption—although we’re still wondering whether he made a great argument for us to not buy Bolt EV but hold out for the GM vehicles that meet those criteria. 

Teaser for Fisker Ocean electric SUV

Teaser for Fisker Ocean electric SUV

Fisker Inc. has given its Ocean electric SUV a price: $379 a month, under a flexible lease program, with a sticker price that will start below $40,000. We’re still waiting to see the full set of specs and details—which already include a full-length solar roof. 

Lexus rolled out its first fully electric mode, the UX300e; it’s bound for Europe, Japan, and China, but not the U.S.

Lexus UX300e Preview

Lexus UX300e Preview

The 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid has been named an IIHS Top Safety Pick, and it appears to offer better occupant safety than recent Escape models or other Ford hybrids of the recent past. 

Ford invested in Rivian earlier this year; and this week, based on a new report, it’s looking more likely that the first Ford product from that partnership will probably be badged a Lincoln. 

Faraday Future FF91

Faraday Future FF91

Faraday Future has at last revealed the production-level interior of its FF91 luxury electric vehicle—with a few technology updates, you can be sure, over what it planned some years back.  

Byton has been making some preparations toward entering the U.S. market—including partnering with Electrify America for charging and setting up dealer and distributor licenses in California. 

2020 Kamra Revero GTS

2020 Kamra Revero GTS

We brought you news that Karma had rolled out at the LA Auto Show: a quicker, higher-performing version of the Revero plug-in hybrid, called the Revero GTS. 

And perhaps in an attempt to capture some of the electric truck excitement, Karma Automotive essentially offered up its plug-in hybrid powertrain for pickup use in the future.

Meanwhile, with battery energy density effectively doubled over the five years the BMW i3 has been on the market, BMW said with certainty that the range extender has no future.

BMW Battery Cell Competence Center

BMW Battery Cell Competence Center

Control freaks, in a way: That’s what BMW and Volkswagen are regarding the battery cells that go into their vehicles—and even the origin of the materials that go into them—but they don’t want to make them. 

Uber and Lyft have added to air pollution issues in some major European cities, according to a new analysis, and the suggested correlation between ride hailing and higher congestion parallels some that have been made for U.S. cities. 

Evergrande, the Hong Kong company that once sought Faraday Future, is pushing ahead with its own electric car while scaling down some of its other investments because of a slump in Chinese EV sales.


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