GM And SAIC’s Wuling Releases New Interior Photos Of Hong Guang Mini EV

GM and SAIC’s Wuling brand has released the first real interior photos of its first-ever electric car, the Hong Guang Mini EV.

The tiny vehicle measures just 2,917 mm (114.8 in) in length, 1,493 mm (58.8 in) in width and 1,621 mm (63.8 in) in height. The wheelbase is said to measure 1,940 mm (76.4 in). Despite these compact dimensions, the Hong Guang Mini EV can accommodate up to four passengers with little to no cargo space.

It can also carry two passengers (including the driver) and a cargo volume of 741 liters (26.1 cu ft) with the bench-style rear seats folded down. If that number does not help you visualize the available luggage capacity, Wuling says the Hong Guang Mini EV’s boot can easily accommodate two 26-inch suitcases or a baby stroller.

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Practicality also stands to gain from the 12 storage compartment scattered around the cabin. The fact that the rear seats do not split individually like on the Toyota iQ seems a big missed opportunity, though. The dimensions make Wuling’s electric city car convenient for urban commuters and trips around town should be pretty comfortable thanks to the four-way adjustable front seats, and rear seats with a 20-degree backrest angle.

The cabin looks inviting, though clearly cheap, and features simple lines combined with two-color textured fabrics and orange accents in these latest photos shared by Wuling. The dashboard layout is simple and includes a digital instrument panel, climate and audio controls at the right of the steering wheel and air vents that are connected to each other by trim mimicking the look of the vents.

For some reason, the fake vent trim continues behind the instrument cluster even though you’d have to be a contortionist to be able to see it. There’s no center console, but the Hong Guang Mini EV does feature a small center tunnel between the front seats which hosts the transmission selector and switches for the power front windows.

Wuling promises “an extremely comfortable driving experience for users” but still refrains from releasing official specs. We do know from Chinese sources, including CarNewsChina, that the powertrain consists of a 20 kW (27 HP / 27 PS) electric motor hooked to a 13.8 kWh battery. It enables a top speed of 100 km/h (62 mph) and a driving range estimated by Chinese media to reach up to 200 km (124 miles).

Wuling will launch the Hong Guang Mini EV in China on May 25 when further information will be released. Pricing is expected to start from around $6,000, making it one of the world’s cheapest electric cars.