Driving A 2019 Volvo XC40 For Almost A Year Had Its Ups And Downs

Have you ever looked at the Volvo XC40, asking yourself whether it’s worth your hard-earned money? This long-term review might answer the question, as the brand’s challenger to the likes of the BMW X1, Audi Q3 and Mercedes-Benz GLA stayed in KBB’s garage for the last 10 months.

The 2019MY came in the T5 AWD Momentum spec, which started at roughly $36,000. The car in question got many options, such as the heated front seats and steering wheel, power-folding rear seats, panoramic moonroof, Harman Kardon audio, wireless charging pad, hands-free tailgate, 19-inch alloy wheels, white contrasting roof and semi-autonomous driving tech, which bumped the final price to $44,315.

Driven: 2019 Volvo XC40 Exudes Swedish Sophistication

This was quite pricey for Volvo’s small crossover, and if you were to look at something else like, say, the larger Cadillac XT5, then you could have gotten a nicely specced one for about the same.

So, was it worth it? In as few words as possible, that would be a definite ‘yes’, as beyond the generous equipment list, the XC40 was found to be quite spacious, comfortable and easy to maneuver. The semi-autonomous driving and automatic parking functions were much appreciated, and the included maintenance for 3 years meant that they didn’t have to spend a penny on it, except for gas.

Speaking of which, with the 248 HP and 258 lb-ft (350 Nm) of torque 2.0-liter turbo engine, it has an EPA-rated average fuel consumption of 26 mpg (9.1 l/100 km). At the end of the test, the trip computer indicated 22.2 mpg (10.6 l/100 km), which is not bad at all, especially with the fun pedal being abused every now and then.

Of course, the XC40 also had its letdowns, but we’ll let the reviewer take it from here.