Behold, The New Ford GT Mk2 And GT WEC Racing Together

Shortly after celebrating its big premiere yesterday at Goodwood, the Ford GT Mk2 was set loose on the Hill Climb, alongside the GT Le Mans racer. The two track warriors put on a show for the audience at the event and had their magic moment in front of the camera.

An evolution of the street-legal model, the GT Mk2 begins its life on the same assembly lines, in Canada, before being shipped over to Multimatic, Ford’s engineering partner, for the transformation. The final product cannot be driven in legal competitions and has to stay off public roads, too.

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Not being constrained by any regulations gave the two companies the chance to go wild. As a result, the 3.5-liter, EcoBoost V6 produces 700 hp, 200 more than the GT racer, and comes with a water-spraying system, designed to keep the engine temperature down. The supercar is also lighter and features many aerodynamic enhancements that contribute to a 400 percent increase in downforce compared to the street-legal GT.

The model is obviously aimed at those with big wallets, as it has an eye-watering $1.2 million (€1.06 million) price tag. And that’s without any options, like a passenger seat if you want to take someone close to you on an exciting lap around a famous circuit. If you can afford and want to spend the steep sum on the GT Mk2, then you should hurry up, because Ford will only make 45 of them. For now, you’re one mouse click away from seeing what it can do.