Audi Q5 recalled over brake failure risk

Some 2018-2019 Audi Q5 crossover SUVs will be recalled for potential brake failure according to government filings made public Tuesday by the NHTSA.

The Q5 crossover’s brake master cylinder may have been cast too short, which could lead to hydraulic brake failure. The electronic parking brake and emergency brake are not affected, however, and will still function as normal. Total, 12,645 Q5 and performance-oriented SQ5 models are included in the recall.

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With a too short casting, drivers may suddenly lose brakes are the brake pedal may fall to the floor when depressed.

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Audi said the supplier it originally contracted to build the brake master cylinders has already corrected the manufacturing flaw for new Q5 crossover SUVs in production.

For cars affected by the recall, the automaker will instruct owners to bring their Q5 or SQ5 to a dealership. A technician will inspect the vehicle and note either the correct or incorrect part for the master brake cylinder. If the incorrect part is present, the technician will install the right component for free. If owners paid for replacement of the part themselves, Audi will reimburse them. 

Owners should expect to receive notification from Audi starting June 7.