All-New BMW 3-Series Flexes In Front Of Main Segment Rivals

If you haven’t seen any reviews recently of the all-new BMW 3-Series, then you probably don’t know just how good of an all-rounder it’s been depicted to be. Of course, if you happen to own one, then you probably know it first hand.

Still, the premium sports sedan segment is among the most competitive in the industry and models such as the Audi A4 or the Mercedes C-Class will never go down without a fight, not even when they start showing their age.

But that’s kind of the problem with this comparison review by Carwow. The cars thrown at the 2020 3-Series here are either old or simply updated, with the exception of the Volvo S60 which is a new-generation model.

Over the course of this nearly half an hour long video, the reviewer will walk you through how the cars compare visually, technologically, in terms of quality, comfort, performance and of course value.

Seen as how it’s the newest car here, it’s no wonder that the BMW aces pretty much every test thrown at it, starting with interior quality, ergonomics and onboard tech. Apparently, the Bavarian automaker has “nailed it” when it comes to this latest iteration of their ultra-popular sports sedan.

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Now, if it’s sporty driving you’re interested in, well, it would appear that the 3-Series might again be the car for you, one-upping the Giulia on one front and the facelifted Audi A4 on two – the latter being described as a great all-rounder too.

In the end, most people are still going to buy the car that appeals most to them, and in many cases that won’t be the overall “best” car. So if you’d rather have the elegant Mercedes C-Class, the aggressive-looking Alfa Romeo Giulia or the stylish Volvo S60 instead of the BMW or the Audi, we completely understand.

Also, yes, the restyled Jaguar XE is missing from this group test, which is a shame.