2020 Opel Corsa Promises Massive Improvements From A Driver’s Perspective

Opel’s sixth-generation Corsa supermini is almost ready for its debut 37 years after the launch of the original model.

The Corsa F is a big deal for Opel and Vauxhall and not just because it belongs to the (still) popular B-segment. It’s also the first truly all-new Corsa since 2006 — the current model is nothing more than a substantial facelift of the Corsa D that launched 13 years ago.

The main thing to know about the new Corsa is that it switches from an aging GM-Fiat platform to PSA’s CMP scalable architecture which is much more modern and allows for electrification. Therefore, the Corsa will be available for the first time ever as an all-electric model dubbed Corsa-e. It will also be up to 108 kg (238 lbs) lighter than the outgoing model, which is a huge difference for a supermini. The lightest version will tip the scales at just 980 kg (2,160 lbs).

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Naturally, the weight loss should have a positive impact on fuel economy and agility. The following video from Autogefühl might offer some clues about that, as Opel allowed the folks from the YouTube channel to drive a validation prototype of the 2020 Opel Corsa and share their impressions.

The reviewer claims the new Corsa is radically different from its predecessor, starting with the much lower driving position and the lower center of gravity. The car feels more agile in corners and more fun to drive, especially combined with the top gasoline engine (a 130 PS/128 hp three-cylinder turbo). The increase in torsional stiffness has a lot to do with the new Corsa’s improved dynamics as well.

Overall, the car appears to be really promising in the driving department, and keep in mind that Autogefühl only drove an unfinished development prototype.